LR Range Rover


All Motorsports took this brand new 2018 Range Rover stock from the dealer and gave it a blacked out makeover with a touch of Carbon Fiber. We took it in and from Day 1 we got right to work. We stripped it of all its’ chrome and shininess and prepared it for the darkness of BLACK! Out came the badges, emblems, wheels, trim and whatever else our eyes could see that our customer wanted blacked out.

Day 2: The Range Rover was at the paint shop getting a make over where needed. While that was going on, Along came the 6th Element… Carbon Fiber! Replacing the trim was a quiet simple process.

Day 3: Once the carbon fiber trim and moldings where completely installed, we assembled the remaining blacked out pieces together. We gave it a rigorous 6-point quality inspection that takes place by 2 technicians. Each quality inspection must be passed by both and meet the highest of standards before installation back on the vehicle.

Day 4: On to the car wash and detail it goes! Gave it a simple detail and touched it up ready to deliver it to the dealership showroom.



  • Complete True Carbon Fiber Trim Kit
  • Pirelli Scorpion 22″ tires
  • Customer Black 22×10 wheels (takes factory cap and lugs)
  • Black out of all trim
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